Dr. Pease and His Team

Meet Dr. Michael Pease

Dr. Michael Pease is originally from Maine and was stationed in Florida during his USAF enlistment. Prior to studying to become a Chiropractor, Dr. Pease served in the Gulf War and then later spent many years working as a technician and engineer in the telecommunications industry right here in Charlotte. Dr. Pease graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Nova Southeastern University of Fort Lauderdale in 1998. However, after experiencing a life-changing event where he discovered the recuperative healing of Chiropractic, he was determined to change careers. He eventually attended the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL. He operated his own Chiropractic practice in Tampa for several years before returning to the Charlotte area.

Dr. Michael Pease currently resides in Catawba. Dr. Pease is a family Chiropractor with a passion for nutrition and weight loss, treating people of all ages from children to the elderly, working with people to improve their health and vitality. Dr. Pease provides his patients with the effective care necessary to bring them to their maximum potential. He has a strong background in Functional Medicine, nutrition, traditional chiropractic and extremity adjusting. As the proprietor of Integrative Health Center, he is very interested in the health and wellness of the community in which he lives. In his free time, he enjoys working out, volunteering with various organizations and continues to study and learn all he can about Nutrition, Functional Medicine and current medical research.

Meet Wendi Francis MS, RD/LDN, CPC

Wendi Francis is a pioneer in her field with specialty areas in nutrition therapy and eating disorders, women’s empowerment, life launching and business and relationship psychology. Not only is she a registered and licensed dietitian with a graduate degree in counseling and education but she also has extensive expertise and training in eating disorders and trauma and is certified in strategic life coaching, neuro-linguistics, somatic experiencing and grief coaching. Wendi has worked in her own private practice for the past 20 plus years, facilitating permanent transformation for others by turning their fears around food, weight and body image into freedom.

She is also a best-selling author, podcast co-host, recognized speaker and educator. As a recognized educational and motivational speaker, she has empowered hundreds of people on various topics including: women’s empowerment; parental empowerment; adolescent nutrition; trauma and food-related issues; food texture issues; eating disorders; weight management and body image issues. Her multi-faceted strategies move others from reaction to action by focusing on WHY they do things, as well as the how. In her work as a nutrition therapist and strategist, Wendi focuses on the whole individual providing her varied expertise and training to impart tremendous benefit to both professionals and patients as she uses multiple modalities to create lasting change in thoughts, language, physiology and behaviors. As a woman, wife, mother of three, entrepreneur, runner and avid hiker, Wendi truly believes in living life to the fullest while practicing her passion of transformation, empowerment and shattering beliefs in all aspects of a person’s eating and life.